About Me

Dr Gary Overett is a Senior Expert in Autonomous Driving at the Xiaopeng Motors where he is part of the Big Data Team. Xiaopeng Motors is an Innovative New Energy Intelligent Vehicle Company headquartered in Guangzhou, China. Dr Overett’s team centres around using very large scale vehicle-sourced datasets in the creation of Autonomous Driving Algorithms, especially Perception Algorithms.

Previously, Gary worked as a Professor leading the Mobile Vision Robotics Laboratory at JIE – a former Joint Partnership between Carnegie Mellon University and Sun Yat-sen University. Dr Overett taught Computer Vision to Masters and PhD researchers in the Joint Program.

Dr Overett is enthusiastic about international collaborations between China’s fast-growing transition economy and the world best research in Machine Learning and Computer Vision. 


My research interests are mainly centred around Computer Vision, Robotics, Machine Learning and Autonomous Driving. In particular, I have been working on methods which allow for very large scale datasets to empower machine learning without requiring large amounts of extremely labor-intensive manual labelling. I am particularly interested in two important research questions:

  1. How can we represent the information from image and LIDAR sensors in a way that makes subsequent reasoning about real-world content both efficient and robust?
  2. What learning methodologies allow us to make time constrained real world scene understanding in a robust manner?

Previous Work

Prior to working at the Joint Institute, Dr. Overett was a Computer Vision Research Engineer at NICTA (now Data61) where he was based within the AutoMap team working to create road maps from geotagged video using advanced computer vision algorithms. He was located at NICTA’s Canberra Research Lab in Australia and was an adjunct at the Australian National University.

Prospective Candidates and Interns Welcome

I am always interested in hearing from motivated, bright students as well as experienced professionals. Prospective candidates should read this before contacting me.


Senior Expert – Autonomous Driving – Computer Vision – Machine Learning @ Xiaopeng Motors