JIE Virtual Tour

The SYSU-CMU Joint Institute of Engineering has built several new  world class facilities and buildings located in both Guangzhou and Shunde.The new buildings incorporate modern designs to facilitate collaboration and foster a high quality working environment.

JIE is located on the picturesque Sun Yat-sen East campus located at the Higher Education Mega-Center island.

JIE Building

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The panoramas shared below were taken during my recent trip to Sun Yat-sen. You can click the link in the title to see them in their own browser page. You can also manipulate the panorama by zooming and panning the image.

JRI Lobby

JIE Main Hall

JIE Student Area 1

Note, the walls which double as whiteboards for any sudden ‘breakout’ sessions.

JIE Student Area 2

JRE Fitness Center

JRI Lounge

View from JIE Building

Assistant Professor at SYSU-CMU Joint Institute of Engineering