Masters Project Students

Notes for Prospective Masters Students

Students interested in working with me on a masters project should read my notes on masters enquiries in the parent page. In addition you should consider the following.

  1. Are you enrolled or did you already take my class Computer Vision 16-720J? If not, why not? You will benefit from getting this background in any project that you are interested in completing.
  2. Students should consider if they are capable in at least one or more of the following areas.
    1. Software Engineering/Coding – can you write software? What is the largest software system you have worked with or build? Do you have a favorite programming language?
    2. Linear Algebra – Did you study this in your undergraduate degree? Do you remember anything from this course?
    3. Mathematics – you should have a strong background and be able to discuss mathematical ideas.
    4. Previous Project Experience – good students have often engaged in a significant project either for their previous education or for private interests (e.g. building an iPhone app). Such previous experience will help you with the kind of independent research that is required of a masters student.
  3. I will ask all interested students to speak to me for an informal interview. I will look at your CV and ask basic questions about what you have learnt in core courses that you have done or projects you have worked on. I will expect that you remember something from any core courses which you have done. Do not tell me that you have a strong background in something (in person or in your resume) and then be unable to answer any questions on this topic? Students who were mentally and actively engaged in their studies will remember core points from courses they have done even if they haven’t used the information since.


I want to see your:

  • CV/resume (which shouldn’t be almost empty)
  • transcript (unofficial is fine)
  • English qualification if you have one

I am looking for students who are inquisitive. Who will take a little bit of teaching and instruction and independently take it further. Students who make the most of the teaching and time I give them will likely get more time and attention from me as a supervisor.  I look forward to working with some great students this year.

Assistant Professor at SYSU-CMU Joint Institute of Engineering